Our Cheeses

When you come to our store, you can 
be assured that each cheese is the best it 
can be in terms of producer and condition. 
Our cheese is categorized by the way 
it's produced.

Fresh Cheeses
Fresh cheeses are cheeses that are best enjoyed before they have encountered any affects of curing. They are generally moister, softer, and more delicate than cheeses that have been aged. They partner well with other ingredients such as fruit spreads, honeys, and other sauces.

Cheese Milk Region Character
Ricotta Cow New Jersey                     Creamy, Useful 
Chevre Goat France Delicate, Versatile, Light
Mozzarella La Bella Cow  Kearny, NJ Milky, Moist, Delicate

Bloomy Rinds
Ever see a cheese course without Brie or something similar? It is hard to resist the buttery richness of these cheeses. Bloomy rinds are the development of white mold that grow on the exterior of the cheese. They generally make the cheese soft ripened. That means that their interior pastes soften (often to the point of liquefying) as they age. Keep in mind that most bloomy cheeses you find in supermarkets will be chemically stabilized to prevent soft ripening and will never reach a full and lush flavor.

Cheese Milk Region Character
Delice Bourgogne Cow Burgundy, France                 Luxurious, Savory, Memorable 
Fromager d'Affinois Goat Southern Rhone, France Lactic, Unctuous, Pleasing     
Selles sur Cher Mixed Loire Valley, France Tart, Smooth, Regal
La Tur                             Goat Piedmont, Italy                     Lactic, Smooth, Attractive
Humboldt Fog Cow Arcata, CA Smooth, Tart, Pleasant
Brillat Savarin Truffle Cow Ile de France, France Sexy, Fragrant, Pleasant

Hard Ripened Cheeses
Hard ripened cheeses are simply cheeses that become harder as they ripen…. Enhancing a cheese’s complexity in flavor and texture. This is best illustrated with a cheese like Gouda. Young Gouda is bland and insipid. Now take a wheel of that cheese, throw it in a closet, and forget about it for one year, it will develop a crystalline texture and a seductive, butterscotchy sweetness.

Cheese Milk Region Character
Keens Cheddar Cow Somerset, England Prototype, Earthy, Intense
Pawlet Cow West Pawlet, VT                     Bold, Pleasant, Grassy 
Wookey Cave Cheddar Cow Somerset, England Royal, Earthy, Profound
Emmenthaler Swiss Cow Emmenthal, Switzerland Easy, Meltable
Abbaye de Belloc            Sheep Pyrenees, France                     Hearty, Robust, Caramel
Cheddar Cow Vermont Sharp, Simple
Parmigiano Reggiano Cow Emilia Romana, Italy Sweet, Crystalline, Classic
Praire Breeze Cow Milton, IA Smooth, Nutty, Sweet
Manchego Sheep La Mancha, Spain Nutty, Hearty, Chewy
Crottin Goat Hoboken, NJ Tart, Sweet, Delicate
Boerenkaas Cow Holland Chewy, Crystalline, Butterscotch
Midnight Moon Goat Holland Sharp, Crumbly, Clean
Provolone Auricchio Cow Lombardy, Italy Sharp, Chewy, Classic
Piave Cow Veneto, Italy Nutty, Pleasant, Tasty
Pecorino Toscano Sheep Tuscany, Italy Rich, Hearty, Dense
Pecorino Tartufo Pinzani Sheep Tuscany, Italy Fragrant, Robust, Majestic
Scharfe Maxx Cow Bodensee, Switzerland Dense, Bold, Earthy
Mahon Cow Menorca, Spain Zesty, Grassy, Tart
Comte Cow Jura, France Fruity, Versatile, Lovely
Pecorino Romano Sheep Rome, Italy Salty, Gratable, Sharp
Provolone 3yr Cow Lombardy, Italy Intensely Sharp, Singular
Menage Mixed La Valle, WI Tender, Buttery, Friendly
Herdsman Cow Lawrenceville, NJ Tangy, Chewy, Satisfying
Garrotxa Goat Catalonia, Spain Mellow, Sweet, Ashy

Wash Rind Cheeses
Take a form of fresh curd and rub (or “wash”) it with a brine solution, wash it again for the next few days, and an orange brown substance (bacterium linens) will form on the surface. It’s a mysterious process, but it gives cheese depth of flavor. It also is what makes a cheese “stinky”.

Cheese Milk Region Character
Oma Cow Waitsfield, VT Gentle, Milky, Enjoyable
Morbier Cow Jura, France Fruity, Savory, Satisfying
Munster Cow Alsace, France Potent, Intense, Unapologetic
Taleggio                              Cow Lombardy, Italy                     Beefy, Briny, Pungent
St. Nectaire Cow Auvergne, France Mushroomy, Briny, Buttery
Raclette Cow Franche Comte, France Meltable, Sweet, Aromatic

Blue Cheeses
Blue cheeses may be the most misunderstood category of cheeses. Yes, many of them are amongst the most aggressively potent cheeses produced. But, believe it or not, there are a few that are smooth, creamy, and more restrained than even Brie. There is a Blue for every taste.

Cheese Milk Region Character
La Mezcla Mixed Asturias, Spain Creamy, Dreamy, Lush
Stilton Ford Farm Cow Nottinghamshire, England                     Grassy, Crumbly, Rich 
Bleu d'Auvergne Cow Auvergne, France Crumbly, Moist, Versatile
Blu di Moncenisio Cow Piedmont, Italy Crisp, Firm, Sharp
Roquefort Papillon                             Sheep       Causses, France                    Sharp, Crisp, Regal
Gorgonzola Dolce Cow Lombardy, Italy Funky, Smooth, Savory
Bayley Hazen Cow Greensboro, VT Crumbly, Powerful, Buttery